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Sanitary Napkin

TK 710.00


Whisper Ultra Soft XL-Plus 30 Pads

TK 120.00


Senora Ultra Thin 8 pads

TK 130.00


Senora sanitary Napkin Eco. Belt 15 pads

TK 100.00


Senora Sanitary Napkin Belt 10 pads

TK 120.00


Senora Confidence 10 pads

TK 65.00


senora confidence 5 pads

TK 70.00


SMC Joya Sanitary Napkin (Penty) 8 Pads

TK 60.00


SMC Joya Sanitary Napkin (Belt) 8 Pads

TK 60.00


Freedom Belt System 8 pads

TK 120.00


Freedom Ultra Wings 8 Pads

TK 360.00


Whisper Ultra Soft XL-Plus 15 Pads

TK 610.00


Whisper Ultra Soft XL-30 Pads

TK 60.00


Freedom Regular Flow Smart 8 pads

TK 100.00


Senora Sanitary Napkin (Panty System) 10pcs

TK 200.00


Freedom Heavy Flow 16 Pads

TK 70.00


Cotton Sawd Buds 100pcs BF

Bazar Nao
Bazar Nao Limited is the 1st Bangladeshi e-grocery which provides groceries on credit to Bangladeshi people. It is a platform where customers can get all daily necessary products at affordable prices and in a very short time.  Founded in 2020, it is now among the top ten e- grocery shops in Bangladesh.

Contact Info

  • Address: 4th Floor, AGM Chandrima, House 12, Road 08, Block J, Baridhara, Dhaka-1212.
  • Phone: 01969906699
  • Email: info@bazarnao.com