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Cream & Lotion

TK 60.00


Vaseline Petroleum Jelly 20 ml (Imported)

TK 50.00


Cute Pomade 50 gm

TK 70.00


Dettol Soap Skin Care 125gm

TK 335.00


Gillette Series Gel Moisturizing 195ml

TK 75.00


Millat Prickly Heat Powder, 150 gm Tin

TK 60.00


Ice Cool Prickly Heat Powder 100 gm

TK 55.00


Kool Deo Talc 100 gm

TK 150.00


Nivea Soft Cream (Imported) 50ml

TK 480.00


Nivea Men Dark Spot Cream 150ml

TK 140.00


Nivea Men Dark Spot Cream 30ml

TK 275.00


Nivea Men Dark Spot Cream 75ml

TK 160.00


Rexona Men Roll On Invisible Dry 50 ml

TK 195.00


Kool After Shave Lotion 100 ml

TK 210.00


Nivea Roll On Fresh Active 50ml

Bazar Nao
Bazar Nao Limited is the 1st Bangladeshi e-grocery which provides groceries on credit to Bangladeshi people. It is a platform where customers can get all daily necessary products at affordable prices and in a very short time.  Founded in 2020, it is now among the top ten e- grocery shops in Bangladesh. The TIN number is: 356233804747

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