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Organic Food & Beauty

TK 235.00


Zandu Pure Honey-250gm

TK 110.00


Dabur Honey-100gm

TK 1,500.00


Busy Bee Sundarbans Honey 1kg

TK 165.00


Jhola Gur(Dana Jukto Khejur Gur) 500gm

TK 750.00


Busy Bee Sundarbans Honey 500gm

TK 265.00


Golden Garden Red Plum 220 GM

TK 210.00


Dabur Honey 250 gm

TK 375.00


Dabur Honey 500 gm

TK 375.00


Saffola Honey 500 gm

TK 750.00


Alshifa Natural Honey 500 gm

Bazar Nao
Bazar Nao Limited is the 1st Bangladeshi e-grocery which provides groceries on credit to Bangladeshi people. It is a platform where customers can get all daily necessary products at affordable prices and in a very short time.  Founded in 2020, it is the now among the top ten e- grocery shops in Bangladesh.

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