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Chocolate and Candies

TK 10.00


PRAN Peanut Bar 20gm

TK 330.00


Munchy's Oat Krunch Dark 2 208 gm

TK 225.00


Snickers Family Pack 2 180 gm

TK 50.00


Cadbury Dairy Milk 2 24 gm

TK 80.00


Snickers 2 50 gm

TK 28.00


Snickers 18 gm

TK 20.00


Mentos Mint Roll 21.6 gm

TK 75.00


Kinder Joy 20 gm

TK 2.50


Center Fruit

TK 5.00


Choco Ball

TK 5.00


Cocola Gems

TK 25.00


Tic Tac Orange 7.7gm

TK 25.00


Tic Tac Mint 7.7gm

TK 130.00


Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk 2 60 gm

TK 15.00


Olympic Knock 2 Coated Wafer 25 gm

TK 20.00


PRAN Choco Peanut Bar 20gm

Bazar Nao
Bazar Nao Limited is the 1st Bangladeshi e-grocery which provides groceries on credit to Bangladeshi people. It is a platform where customers can get all daily necessary products at affordable prices and in a very short time.  Founded in 2020, it is now among the top ten e- grocery shops in Bangladesh.

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